Geodetic Control Network

Surveying & Mapping

Geodetic control survey points serve as a common reference system and support the production of consistent and spatial accurate data for surveying and mapping. Geodetic monuments/control points are established as permanent physical objects (i.e.-aluminum disc on rebar in concrete or housed in PVC with access cover) placed in the ground and precisely marked, located, and documented. These monuments provide a consistent coordinate system and serve as the basis for computing lengths and distances between relative positions.

Survey Crew

Moreover, specifying locations of features relative to geodetic control makes it possible to assess the positional accuracy of these features. Interest and activity regarding geodetic control have dramatically increased, corresponding to the need for accurate maps and surveys for development, infrastructure and geographic and land information systems. 

Additional Information

To this end, the Survey Division of the Engineering Department maintains the Geodetic Control Network (GCN) within the City of Garland, Texas. Contact the Survey Group, at 972-205-2170 or for any questions concerning the network, email City Surveyor.

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