Site Permit

Requirements for Obtaining a Site Permit

What is a Site Permit?  At the conclusion of the review and approval process, plans are stamped “Released for Construction” and a Site Permit is issued by the Engineering Department.  Site Permit Highlight on Process Map

- Definition of Site Permit: A permit that is issued under GDC Chapter 4, Section 4.08 that authorizes site preparatory activities other than construction or placement of a structure on the land and, upon approval, authorizes the property owner to apply for a building permit.

- Purpose of a Site Permit: A Site Permit allows work to begin on the site, including the construction of public improvements which are generally located outside of the building pad or footprint.  Such site work is generally authorized prior to work on the actual building(s). Prior to installing a connection on a public utility main, a Site Permit must be obtained which requires submittal of Site Engineering Construction Plans and approval.

Plan Submittal & Review Requirements for a Site Permit  The Technical Standards Manual (TSM) provides requirements and regulations governing the submittal of Site Engineering Construction Plans. For submittal requirements, refer to TSM Section 2.4.  Required Engineering First Submittal Form (TSM Appendix 2H  For an overview of the plan review process, refer to TSM Section 2.2 Figure 1: Plan Review Procedure Summary Chart   

Important Aspects of the Process

  • Once Plan Commission approves a plat, a Site Permit may be issued.
  • At the conclusion of the pre-construction meeting, an applicant may obtain a site permit.
  • While the Building Permit and Site Permit processes can run concurrently, a Site Permit must be obtained prior to issuance of a Building Permit.
  • Plats must be filed with the County Clerk prior to issuance of a Building Permit.

Public infrastructure improvements are inspected by the City. The following steps and procedures are required to fulfill the Record Drawings requirements for acceptance and release of private development projects.