Why should I enroll?

We encourage you to enroll to take advantage of the new self-service options the portal has to offer:  auto-pay, paperless bills and correspondences, online bill view, consumption graphs, and more.  Our website will continue to grow and offer new items as new programs come available.

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1. What is MyMeter?
2. Who can use the Garland Customer Portal?
3. Why should I enroll?
4. How do I enroll?
5. Why do I have a new account number?
6. What types of payment methods are accepted?
7. Can I make payments with an agent over the phone?
8. Can I make a one-time payment without enrolling?
9. Can I set up my payment in advance?
10. Can I cancel a scheduled payment?
11. Can I print a copy of the bill for my records?
12. Who can help me if I have a question?