The City of Garland Water Utilities department is dedicated to the efficient use of water in our community.

Conservation Programs

Currently our conservation program consists of accurate meter reading, yearly outdoor irrigation schedules, educational classes, public information in a variety of formats and conservation credits (a credit on your utility bill) for new toilets and clothes washing machines for residential water customers.

Check out for tips and advice on indoor and outdoor water conservation and visit to sign up for weekly location based watering advice.

Funds are Currently Available for Rebates

Garland Water Utilities offers two new Conservation Credit Programs to its residential customers. These programs apply a credit to a customer's utility account when they purchase any new toilet(s) and/or qualifying water efficient clothes washing machine. Applicants must own or reside in the property where the installation of the qualifying item is to be installed and their utility account must be in good standing. This program is for residents only; tenant and commercial requests will not be eligible. No participant shall receive more than $500 from the City of Garland's Water Conservation Program(s) for any combination of eligible items. Applications must be received within 120 days of purchase of the eligible product. 

High Efficiency Toilet Credit Program

High Efficiency Clothes Washing Machine

Garland Water Utilities offers a credit to a customer's utility account when they purchase a new clothes washer. Credit for the purchase and installation of a new high energy efficient washing machine is based on a four tier compensation table* relating to the level of its water efficiency. In order to receive the highest credits available, look for your new washer 's "Water Factor". Credit tiers based on water factor are as follows:   4.0 or below = $125, 4.1 - 4.5 = $100, 4.6 - 6.0 = $75.00, all over 6.0 will receive a $50 credit. 

Proper Disposal

Participants can dispose of their old toilet(s) by setting it out on their Bulky Waste Pickup Day or by taking it to either the Transfer Station or to the  C. M. Hinton Landfill. Old washing machines can be placed out on customer's Bulky Waste Pickup Day (machine must be placed separate from other bulky waste or brush) or it can be taken to the scrap metal recycling bin at the Transfer Station.