Housing Inspections

The primary goal of the Garland Housing Agency's (GHA) Inspection Division is to ensure all clients live in safe, decent, and sanitary properties. To meet this goal, the inspector ensures all rental properties meet Housing Quality Standards established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development as well as the GHA's own housing standards.

Inspectors conduct initial/new unit inspections, annual inspections of all HCV participants' units, and conduct special inspections to address specific issues. In addition, the GHA performs Quality Control Inspections as a self-check of the GHA standards.


In order to promote tenant accountability, the GHA adopted the "Zero Tolerance Policy." "Zero Tolerance" is defined as damages to a property in excess of one month's rent. If these types of damages occur, the tenant loses his/her housing assistance and is required to resubmit an application to the waiting list (without a preferential status). The vouchers that are removed due to damages are reissued to the next family on the waiting list.

Find additional information on the Housing and Urban Development website.